iProtein brings target informatics to a whole new level by providing access to the world's largest repository of protein structures and models - Eidogen-Sertanty's Target Informatics Platform (TIP). Through iProtein, the TIP database can be surveyed by Sequence, Structure/Model, Site, Protein Family, and by co-complexed ligand structures. iProtein has been included in the Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News list of Best Science Apps.

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NEW iOncology offers access into Eidogen-Sertanty's Oncology Knowledgebase (OKB). User's can search by disease, registry number, molecule name, and CAS numbers. With registration, user's can initiate substructure and similarity searches. iOncology mirrors the OKB content, which initially focuses on "hot oncological targets" (e.g. acyl and methyl transferases: HDACs, HATs, HMKT, etc.).

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Currently the Kinase Knowledgebase Q4 2014 Release includes the following data:

  • Journal articles and patents: 8,887
  • Number of Biological Activity Data Points: >1.69M
  • Number of unique kinase molecules with annotated assay data: ~320,000
  • Number of all unique kinase molecules from patents and articles (with or without bio-activity data): ~664,000
  • Number of unique kinase targets with assay data: >500
  • Number of annotated assay protocols: 31,209
  • Number of annotated chemical reactions: 2,365

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Currently the Oncology Knowledgebase Q3 2014 Release includes the following data:

  • Journal articles and patents: 658
  • Number of Biological Activity Data Points: >84,593
  • Number of molecules from patents and articles: >38,870
  • Number of unique oncology targets with assay data: 1019
  • Number of annotated assay protocols: 3872
  • Number of disease models: 95

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TIP™ The Target Informatics Platform's content includes more than 200,000 high resolution protein structures with reliably annotated small molecule binding sites, including >266,000 chains and comparative models of human proteins, covering every major drug target family.

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iKinase is a mobile app that provides access into Eidogen-Sertanty's Kinase Knowledgebase (KKB).

Expanding from iKinase, iKinasePro provides access into Eidogen-Sertanty's Kinase Knowledgebase (KKB) with fast and powerful substructure-, similarity-, and super-similarity searching capability. In addition, you can search the kinome by target name, by finger-drawn chemical structures, and/or tap through a vast array of ring structures to circumnavigate the Kinome from several different perspectives.

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Deploy Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot Protocols to mobile devices within your organization.

  • Perform tasks to create reports and dashboards
  • Share results with other mobile users
  • Share tasks with other mobile users
  • Run multi-step tasks
  • Access to free demo account to run cool scientific tasks

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NEW! EidoPro Protein Powder

We know protein! Furthering Eidogen-Sertanty's proactive health and wellness efforts, we have made available an all natural, 100% Whey Protein Isolate powder like no other. EIDOPRO is the cleanest form of whey protein, offering a higher protein-per-serving ratio than whey concentrate. Each serving contains 27g protein with no added sugar or sugar substitutes. EIDOPRO is fresh whey sourced from Wisconsin-based GRÄN'DE, a Grade "A" manufacturer endorsed by the American Dairy Products Institute. EidoPro Whey Protein Isolate contains a higher proportion of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs - i.e. leucine, isoleucine, and valine) and has fewer calories and carbs than other protein powders.

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